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Nordstil: Good design has a lighthouse effect in retail shops

1. Juni 2017 Autor: Messe Frankfurt
Kategorie: Gifts & Decoration, Home & Living, Stationery, Textiles

‚Northern Lights‘ showcase impressive products for the second half of the year

Reusable food wraps by Hellogreen


It goes without saying that successful retailers are those who continually surprise their customers with innovative products. However, it is not always easy to find manufacturers who produce innovations on a regular basis. The ‚Northern Lights‘ exhibitors design their products in a way that is unconstrained by norms and free from expectations. They are highly versatile and creative companies who have found an effective public arena at Nordstil. The fair helps retailers to source products that make them stand out from their competitors.
From 22 to 24 July 2017, the ‚Northern Lights‘ will form their own separate area within the framework of Nordstil in Hall A4. Their products are often familiar objects made from completely unexpected materials or stunningly new designs which catch the eye of visiting retailers. For the coming season, the curator of the exhibition space, Peter de Vries, will be giving a public arena to 43 selected university graduates, designers, start-ups and small manufacturing companies. In doing this, Vries, a textile designer and lecturer in Professor Renata Brink’s textile design department at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg – HAW), will be paying particular attention to innovative and distinctive designs. “Good design has a lighthouse effect in retail shops, but instead of emitting beams of light, it sends out impulses to the consumers. And, unlike the usually red and white striped coastal structure, the message it sends is not – Keep away from here! – but – Come in and buy!”, says de Vries, who has chosen to make Hamburg his home. Here he is referring in particular to the signalling power of select elements in product ranges, which turn interested visitors into actual customers in the lucrative autumn, winter and Christmas period.

A closer look at three ‚Northern Lights‘
A hip bag, shoulder bag or clutch – the ‚minibag‘ from the Swiss company, DieT-Shirt AG, is a versatile companion. And its versatility is particularly apparent when changing from one bag to another, because this all-rounder comes in many different versions. The inner wallet, together with cards, lipstick and keys, can be taken out and put into another bag.
Deafmessanger from the Czech Republic produces notepads from recycled paper that are anything but boring. The artistically constructed notepads tell their very own stories. When you open them, you find more than just empty pages. Old photographs, postcards, pages from books and magazines, as well as tram and plane tickets, inspire the imagination. The pads come with a pencil for first jottings.
‚Bee Goodies‘ by Hellogreen from Halstenbek are a reusable alternative to cling film. The material can be moulded by pressing firmly and using a little hand warmth. All kinds of foods, ideally in dishes and bowls, can be covered up with the food wraps. But they are also perfect for wrapping up sandwiches. Lukewarm water and a small amount of washing-up liquid are all that is needed to get the ‚Bee Goodies‘ ready for use the next time round.


Text: Messe Frankfurt
Photo: Messe Frankfurt