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Optimize the success of your fair stand with the official trade fair magazine!

topfair is the official trade fair magazine of Messe Frankfurt with issues devoted to the Ambiente, Christmasworld, Heimtextil, Paperworld, Nordstil and Tendence. The bilingual (German/English) fair magazine offers visitors information of relevance to the industry concerned as well as orientation on the fairgrounds.

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_1PS3491_fertigThe free magazine is handed out by hostesses to visitors every day of the fair and distributed in Frankfurt hotels.

In addition to the print version, a topfair e-magazine is published after the event. Furthermore, selected content is spread through the topfair Blog and the Social Media channels in-between the events.

Positioning of the topfair trade fair media “Exploit international customer potential”

Messe Frankfurt attracts trade visitors to the fairground. To bring them to a particular stand, however, exhibitors themselves must take an active role. For this reason, Messe Frankfurt has for over 30 years been making trade fair media available to exhibitors through its own publishing house.

Thanks to a logically consistent cross-media strategy, the topfair media make it possible for exhibiting companies to exploit to the full their national and international customer potential. They have established themselves alongside the national trade journals as pillars of a successful strategy for customer acquisition and retention.

What do the topfair journals offer in comparison to trade journals?
  • focus on national readers
  • deal, as a general rule, with a limited range of subjects
  • target national and professionally oriented readers
  • are purveyors of knowledge and further education within their industries
  • are published at regular intervals
  • are sold via subscription or at news stands
  • allow publicity work, product advertising and image development to continue all year round
  • cover market and background topics
  • generally have small print runs
  • are aimed at national and international trade visitors to a specific event
  • throw the spotlight on individual exhibitors
  • concentrate on the trade fair in question and its new products, exhibiting firms and accompanying highlights
  • reach industry participants worldwide through their dual-language format
  • encourage readers to visit the stands presented
  • increase the likelihood of additional sales
  • are free of charge for readers on all channels
  • provide cross-media support all year round to effective trade fair preparation
  • have, as a rule, a very high circulation (from just under 40,000 to over 80,000 readers)
  • are distributed during the show at the fairground and hotels

Two pillars of customer acquisition: the topfair media + trade journals

When you look at the orientation and performance profile of trade fair media and trade journals, you soon realize that it can never be a question of „either/or“. Together they make it possible to address target groups comprehensively and successfully.

Trade journals reach their national target group all year round

Messe Frankfurt and its exhibitors use trade journals for their all-year-round publicity work, reaching in the process a predominantly national and relatively homogeneous business-oriented target group within the industry.

The topfair media exploit international customer potential

The topfair media make it possible to address the multitude of companies and trade visitors of a very high calibre from all over the world whom Messe Frankfurt attracts to its fairs through intensive advertising.
Recent research by AUMA (the association of the German trade fair industry) has established that 90% of all trade visitors plan their visits meticulously. Indeed, on a fairground with up to 300,000 square metres of exhibition space, distributed between 12 different halls, it is the only way of keeping your head above water. This is precisely the need the topfair media are designed to meet. They offer trade visitors a much-needed aid to orientation on a fairground where a myriad of events and products of all descriptions are jostling for attention. For the exhibitors, these publications offer the precise platform they require – one that guarantees them a higher profile at the ‚point of interest‘ among the target group of their choice.

Via the four channels – print, online, mobile and social media – the topfair media provide visitors with information in English and German. The 4-media concept guarantees multiple professional contacts with the target group: prior to the event, topfair appears as an e-magazine. During the trade fair, hostesses hand out the high-circulation print edition at the fairground and it is also available from hotels. After the event, select contents are also published in the topfair blog and via the social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram).

The result is high visibility of content and advertising messages – both at the trade fairs themselves and within the industry worldwide, all year round.

topfair’s 4-media concept lets you amplify and enhance your message!

Targeted advertising in the print edition attracts visitors to your stand and brings higher visibility in the digital media.