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Vegan and eco-friendly

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Clairefontaine’s cork pencil cases and pouches are not just eco- but also animal-friendly. Manufactured to vegan standards, they bear the internationally recognized ‘V’ label certifying that neither their materials nor any additives they contain are sourced from animals. The cork is taken from the bark of the cork oak, which even ­undisturbed is a real glutton for carbon dioxide but then absorbs three times as much CO2 when the bark is removed. Furthermore, the process used here does not require the felling of any trees. The use of cork has further positive implications as it is composed entirely of plant fibres, eco-friendly, light, scratchproof, waterproof and easy to keep clean. The pouches and pencil cases are made in the EU and available in various shapes and sizes (small oval, large oval and rectangular) either unadorned to bring out the beauty of the cork itself or adorned with green foliage motifs. 


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