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The ideal solution


The Mini Laptray from Bosign is a multi-function tray that offers a highly practical alternative to a mini table. The tray is made from natural, beautifully grained walnut, whilst the cushion is a solid bean bag that creates a stable platform whether for a laptop or plates, mugs and glasses when you’re in bed or sitting on the sofa. The fact that you can reshape the bag means you can tilt the non-slip tray to whatever angle best suits the task at hand. The Mini Laptray’s ergonomic grip handles and bean bag cushion ensure maximum comfort and accommodate your natural movements. Furthermore, the tray and pillow combine to absorb and disperse the heat from your computer, shielding your thighs from its heat as well as preventing it overheating. Compact, light and with the cushion detachable for washing, the Mini Laptray is easy to carry, store and pack for trips. 



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