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Sustainably well-organized

IMG_1894 1004x700 dpi

With Nordiska by Artoz, life seems to organize itself, and in style – now in two additional colours: blue and rust. The robust, down-to-earth lineny textures combine with the opulent and appealing new colours to create a satisfying sense of durability. The upshot is an aesthetic at once elegant and contemporary. Moreover, by interspersing individual coloured items among existing colourless ones, you can obtain wonderful highlights. A further plus point: when it comes to bringing order to the office and living room, Nordiska offers a sustainable alternative to plastic goods. During production, the emphasis is upon resource- and environmentally friendly processes, and recycled materials are used wherever possible. All this makes it possible to decorate your own feel-good space in a stylish, discreet and sustainable manner! These classics are available already in low sales units.




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