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Playing with fire – to perfection

FZ61_AdHoc_Flambierbrenner_BRULÉE_5_4 1004x700

Opportunities are legion in the kitchen to add that extra something to a dish by flambéing, caramelization, glazing or melting. Crème  brûlée is a case in point, but by far the only one. You can lend savoury dishes, for example, a touch of magic with melted sugar, and impart an exquisite roasted aroma or a crispy crust to meat and vegetables. With the BRULÉE flambé burner such things are easily achieved. The burner is equipped with a pressure switch as well as a convenient rotary lock and produces effortlessly a continuous flame generating copious quantities of heat. The temperature is infinitely variable. Furthermore, the piezo ignition system assures long-term reliability. A safety lock prevents unintentional ignition of the refillable burner. Thanks to its protruding foot, the BRULÉE can be stood upright on a work surface and remain stable.



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