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Perfect chips in next to no time

WMF KÜCHENminis Fritteuse & Kartoffelschneider Mood1004x700px

Home-cooked food and DIY are much in vogue at the moment and it’s a truth universally acknowledged that a tasty snack is always welcome – especially so when the November cold sets in. The new Dream Team, WMF KÜCHENminis’ Fryer & Potato Slicer, lets you prepare delicious, crispy snacks at home in next to no time. The compact Potato Slicer has a stainless steel cutting grid with ten 10 mm blades – ideal for turning fresh potatoes into delicious chips. A nice touch: a ready-cut portion from the Potato Slicer always fits perfectly into the deep-frying basket! For tasty salads or finger-food, the Potato Slicer can also be used to slice fruit or other vegetables, such as cucumbers, uniformly. The small deep fryer is ideal for preparing not only classic French fries and halloumi fries, but also dessert specialities such as deep-fried ice cream andSpanish churros. Furthermore, the temperature is adjustable between 150° and 190 ° C, it’s easy to change the oil in the fryer, and there’s an air filter to reduce unpleasant odours.

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