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On the Move


You can run a great many errands without needing the car, as there’s a more environmentally friendly alternative: the bicycle. The only snag though, especially on shopping trips, is that you often simply cannot carry enough. The TURA Shopper from Andersen is designed to solve precisely this problem by doubling as a cycle trailer. With its large ball-bearing wheels, pneumatic tyres, 55 cm wheelbase, mudguards to prevent splashing, and optional diode rear light, it allows you to transport considerably greater loads in comfort and safety, whatever the outing: shopping trip, picnic or day at the beach. The companion HYDRO 2.0 bag provides the requisite transport capacity, with a volume of 62 litres and two additional pockets at the front, one of which is thermo-coated.

Andersen Shopper Manufaktur

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