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Magnetic double and single mill – 3 in 1

MP905_AdHoc_Pfeffer-u_Salz-Doppelmühle_MagTw o_2_6 467x700dpi

The MagTwo magnetic double and single mill from AdHoc is designed in such a way that the two independently functioning single mills are united by means of a magnetic connector. Together, they function as a double mill for salt and pepper. At first sight, it’s not at all apparent that you are actually looking at two mills. An additional serration between the two units prevents twisting. The two highly efficient CeraCut® ceramic grinders affect neither the odor nor the taste of the condiments, as well as being absolutely corrosion-resistant and abrasion-proof. To avoid confusing the two mills, the shade of the bamboo aroma-protection caps of the salt and of the pepper chambers is slightly different, with the beautiful grain of the bamboo apparent in each case. The MagTwo is slightly oval in shape. The distinctive fluting not only allows you to get a good grip of each grinder but is also somewhat reminiscent of a cocoa fruit.   


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