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Three steps to holiday heaven

Ethno-Style Copacabana 1004x700dpi

You don’t necessarily have to go far to make the most of the summer. One alternative is to bring the feel of faraway lands to your balcony, terrace or garden. A few examples:

A touch of the tropics – with KARE

With the ethnic trend Copacabana, your own balcony feels like a tropical beach bar. The principal ingredients of this restful ambience are cacti and hanging plants, wood and rattan, and natural tones, with the accent colour in the foreground being black. An authentic ethnic style also includes furniture and accessories such as woven covers of armchairs that tell of their handicraft origins.

Summer, sun and the straw look – with PAD

It looks like straw but feels softer and is made from environmentally friendly, recycled polypropylene! PAD´s cushion covers, place mats and seat cushions with their trendy straw look are breathable, formaldehyde-free, look handmade, and are both colourfast and a complete doddle to clean! Most stains can be wiped off easily. To remove stubborn ones, you can even wash the material by hand. 

Pure relaxation – with Blomus

Warm light makes the humdrum day-to-day world fade into the background, enhancing the ambience of any environment. Introduced in 2018, the Ani Lamp is unusually tasteful yet at the same time simple. Now Blomus is presenting two additional variations on the theme: an elegant floor lamp and a table lamp that is larger than the original. Whether standing or hanging, both the new luminaires can be modified as desired and adapted to suit any in- or outdoor space. 

Electrifying barbecue results – with Severin

Juicy steaks, crisp on the outside, or meat grilled slowly thanks to a low temperature maintained over a long period of time? Neither pose any problems with eBBQ from Severin. Electric barbecues allow you to grill food without dirt, smoke or hassle with the neighbours — and even do so without enlarging your carbon footprint, provided you use green electricity. The premium model, SEVO, attains temperatures up to 500 °C directly at the grill and is impressive for its high-quality design, precise temperature control and various ingenious details. The SENOA is more compact, but every bit as powerful, making it ideal for the city and smaller balconies.

Like an olive grove — with Ambiente Europe  

The “Olive Garden” collection of table decorations from Ambiente Europe provide the perfect complement to Mediterranean delicacies on the summer dining table. The Dutch table culture specialist’s designers have captured with some skill the atmosphere of a Mediterranean olive grove — one’s immediate response being to indulge as though one really were in Italy, Spain or Greece.  The original design can be found on soft lunch and cocktail napkins, a small tray, one large and one small candle, two melamine trays and a place mat. It combines particularly well with rustic earthenware, wickerwork and wooden bowls. 

Merry chirping – with Eva Solo

How bereft would be the garden without the gladsome chirping of birds! Why leave anything to chance? Why not issue the little air-borne virtuosos an invitation – with the Eva Solo BIRD SHELTER, for example? This not only makes the perfect winter sanctuary for small birds but also the ideal nesting place at the beginning of spring. Thanks to the weatherproof materials chosen, tits, finches & co feel immediately at home in the shelter, the elegant porcelain dome keeping out the rain and snow, while the rush weave of the floor provides a natural foundation for their nests. Thanks to the practical cord, the Bird Shelter can also be hung up and taken down quickly and easily, making cleaning it even easier.




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