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Symbiosis of light and shade


The Belgian fashion designer Ann Demeulemeester has been working with Serax since the year 2018, the fruits of their collaboration being a wealth of different collections ranging from porcelain tableware, glasses and cutlery to lamps. All the pieces are functional objects and sculptures at the same time. In the lamp collection – as in Ann Demeulemeester’s fashionwear – ribbons play an important role both functionally and aesthetically. Fine strips of porcelain lend the lamps a highly individual look and make it possible for the light to be dimmed and reflected in a wholly inimitable manner. One of the many models realized in collaboration with Serax is the cube-shaped table lamp Laslo, which is available in two sizes. With the daintiness of fine bone china, it creates a remarkable effect not only on its surroundings but also on the surface upon which it rests.