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Smiles guaranteed

Koblenz_Schloss_017 1004x700px

The SUSANNE BOERNER brand is synonymous with the good things in life, developed by the artist Susanne Boerner and handmade by an all-woman team.

The works are characterized by a cheerfulness that touches both the heart and mind: “I’m not satisfied”, says the artist, “until every last work of handicraft/art succeeds in wringing from life an extra ray of sunshine.” The ram Hannibal and his herd were hand-cut from a special patina material and brought to life with individually handmade pottery heads. The various heads and bodies can be freely combined. The large human figures are ideal for those with a little extra space in the garden and in their hearts for the family. The various heads and bodies can be freely combined. Each individual object is an investment in the joy of living – guaranteeing as its daily dividend a smile!


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