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Light on its feet 

Lug tables. Designed by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen.

The Lug table from Normann Copenhagen balances feminine elegance and industrial functionality to masterful effect. The series consists of two fairly small tables made of glass and steel. The simple frame structure is inspired by vintage bicycles, the slender, slightly curved, table legs that emulate the front fork of a bicycle almost giving the impression that the table is in motion. The frame is joined by a prominent brass piece, which underlines the honesty of its construction as well as introducing a note of contrast to the otherwise monochrome table. The name ‘Lug’ refers to this particular kind of joint, which often adds an aesthetic touch to older bicycles. The Lug table comes in a choice of deep black or warm gray, with the glass tabletop in each case the same shade. The larger table is the obvious choice as a companion piece to sofas in a lounge area, while the smaller table is suitable for use as either a side or a bedside table.


Normann Copenhagen