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Just beam it onto the wall


Wallpaper preferences are highly personal: classic or modern? neutral or bold? And, more importantly, will the wallpaper that pleases you the most in the catalogue look right on your own four walls? Swedish wallpaper specialist Boråstapeter has produced an app for both iOS and Android operating systems to answer precisely this question. First, you select a wallpaper pattern from the Boråstapeter range; then you scan the walls to be decorated with your smartphone using augmented reality technology; finally, mark the areas of wall to be covered as well as any objects such as doors, windows or paintings you do not wish to paper over. The result is not a static photo but a living image through which you can move by smartphone that shows the walls as they would appear decorated with the selected wallpaper.You can download Wonderwall AR by Boråstapeter free of charge from Apple’s App Store or Google Play.


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