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The Spring/Summer Collection 2021 from Hübsch


The principal theme of the Hübsch collection for the spring and summer of 2021 is ‘eclecticism’ i.e. the combination of diverse styles with a view to creating as individual a home as possible. This involves the sourcing of inspiration from all over the world and the confluence of design influences from different decades, a process that sees surprising sculptural elements combined with high-quality classics, the watchword being ‘everything is permitted’.
‘In the new collection, we are presenting around a hundred new designs,’ says Jannie Krüger, who is both the founder of the company and the person responsible for the designs. ‘Some are improved classics, others completely new. We do not emphasize any special colour or materials in the collection, as with this many-facetted style everything is allowed. It is all about making a personal statement, and if, for example, you love green, then that is the colour upon which you should rely!’
The new collection boasts numerous design highlights including a new day bed – a category that has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years – and an extension of the oak series with the decorative herringbone pattern that was so well received in previous collections. The new table lamp plays with the effect of shadow, a technique already familiar from Hübsch’s vases but employed here for the first time in a lamp. The result is very cosy lighting that lends a spatial touch to the home.’

The cocooning trend
It should be obvious to everyone that the year 2020 has had a tremendous impact upon the way we live our lives. The home has become a micro-society in which everything has to work together. Many people have seen their family, work and indeed their social lives playing out within a relatively confined space. Hübsch identifies here a clear trend towards cocooning: as we retreat increasingly into the safety of our own homes, we are concentrating ever more closely upon their aesthetic and functional aspects. ‘Just as we, as a company, are drawing upon the entire world for inspiration in the design process, individuals are doing the same thing in the fashioning of their own homes. We are also seeing social media playing a large part in this,’ says founder and Sales & Marketing Director Daniel Henriksen.

Hübsch’s ‘Care’ concept
Since autumn 2020, Hübsch has been working on a new concept called ‘Care’ that supports the entire business activity with a more conscious and sustainable approach. The company sees this ongoing process as an important indicator of its future direction. A core element of the concept are the various production certifications. By the end of 2021, for instance, all the wood used in the company’s products should be FSC-certified – Hübsch is already 70% of the way towards achieving this target. Also in accordance with the Care concept, all textiles in the catalogue should by the end of 2022 be OEKO-TEX certified. Furthermore, the brand has decided to work only with suppliers that are either already BSCI- or SMETA-certified or in the process of becoming so.