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Biodiversity by design

salon elfi Artenschutzkarten 1004x700px

Salon Elfi is rounding off its range of environmentally sustainable products with a selection of greeting cards devoted to the conservation of native plants and animals, to wit, the chalk burnet (Zygaena fausta), the heather ling grasshopper (Stenobothrus fischeri), the cowslip (Primula oficinalis), the Adonis rose (Adonis annua) and the grey partridge (Perdix perdix). Five per cent of the purchase price is donated to the German Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation (AKA Friends of the Earth Germany). Like all Salon Elfi’s cards, these are printed on handmade paper recycled from cotton mill scraps and produced in the company’s screen-printing workshop in Berlin.

Salon Elfi

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