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Knister – the barbecue for out and about

Knister Original, Transport bike 467x700 dpi

If you live in a big city, organizing a barbecue in the country or for a sailing trip involves a colossal effort. The problem almost invariably is transporting not just the grill but also the utensils, charcoal, food and all the other things you need. And if you have to rely on public transport or travelling by bike, the logistics are all the more challenging. The charcoal barbecue sets of the Munich-based manufacturer Knister provide an elegant solution to the problem. You can hook them securely in seconds to the handlebars of your bike without needing any tools, or else carry them as easily as basket. The charcoal along with all the utensils is stowed neatly inside. The grill itself is light and unfolds to twice the size. And if, on occasion you prefer to stay home and have your barbecue on the balcony, you can fasten your Knister securely to the railings. With this high-quality, sustainable, European made barbecue set, you can feed up to 8 people.



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