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Unconventional classic


In the domestic cutlery segment, Zeug by Mono is a sure-fire classic. The series was introduced in 1995 and is to be understood as an evocation of the shape of the tools used by prehistoric man. The knife was inspired by a hand axe; the slender fork is reminiscent of early spit tools, and the spoon suggests a scooping hand.

The Zeug series was created by the German designer Michael Schneider in whose Berlin studio tableware products for various manufacturers as well as furniture, sanitary ware for the bathroom as well as a variety of other objects are conceived.

A set consists of a table fork, a table knife, a table spoon and a coffee spoon. Zeug by Mono is made from 18/10 stainless steel. The blade of the knife is made from tempered blade steel and is therefore guaranteed to stay sharp for a very long time. The knife is hollow on the inside for improved balance. All the pieces are dishwasher-safe.


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