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The pure material


Serax works in the creation of its series with an array of well-known international designers. One such is Alex Gabriels, who has chosen to show the material from which her new earthenware collection is made in its purest form, with as little of it as possible concealed by glaze or colouration. The name of the series, ‘Honesta’, is the Portuguese word for ‘honest’, and the material to which the collection is conceived as a tribute: natural red baking clay.

The unusual thing about this type of clay is that it contains a significant amount of grog – baked clay that has been finely ground and which gives the material its typically coarse texture and somewhat brutal character. Only on the inside, and purely in the interests of hygiene, are items in this tableware series finished with glaze. The full range includes bowls of various sizes, a soufflé mould, various jugs, a teapot warmer and a coffee filter.


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