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The ideal separator


Households generate a great deal of waste that has to be separated into various categories for recycling. With the new, stylishly designed Tower Collector, Wesco provides an elegant solution to the problem of sorting kitchen waste prior to a trip to the rubbish bin and allows the waste to be separated into three categories. In addition to the 30-litre insert on the left, the Tower Collector has two 15 litre containers arranged one on top of the other. So plastic waste, organic waste, paper, bottles or residual waste can be separated from one another in a practical way. With the help of the handles on the side, this practical waste separation station is easy to move about and thanks to its modest footprint it fits easily into any kitchen. One particularly attractive feature is that the lid – thanks to modern infra-red technology – opens and closes in response to a simple hand movement without needing to be touched.