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Tasteful and tasty cuisine

Cristel, Casteline

Christmas and the New Year are almost upon us, and with them we enter the peak phase of culinary delights. Equipping yourself with the right cooking utensils now gives you a clear edge. Here are a few tips.

A tradition of excellence – Cristel

At the beginning of this year, Cristel was one of the enterprises singled out to participate in the Grande Exposition du Fabriqué en France at the Elysée Palace. The Casteline Collection demonstrates conclusively why. Casteline is the unique expression of almost two centuries of handicraft expertise. Clear and elegant lines combine here with professional quality. The multiply bases of the stainless-steel pots consist of five layers of metal the properties of which complement one another to guarantee excellent heat distribution. This makes for a carefully controlled and economical manner of cooking in which all the nutrients and vital ingredients of the food are preserved. Neither water nor fat are required. The pots retain their heat as the food is being served and are equipped with wide and efficient lips for pouring. The removeable rivetted handles allow you to hold the pan with one hand and are self-locking. Recently, detachable long and side handles made from wood have been added to the collection; these consist of a chromium-plated interior (complete with a locking mechanism) encased in a beech, walnut or olive wood shell.

Kinetic sharpness – WMF

Shredding, slicing chopping, dicing… – the nine-piece Kineo series from WMF offers the ideal knife for every task. In the course of the production process, craftsmanship and state-of-the-art precision technology here have gone hand in hand. The result is a range of cutting implements with blades made from specially hardened German blade steel that are remarkable for the amount of time they retain their sharpness. Their kinetic, ergonomic design featuring high-quality stainless steel handle caps, also ensures that the knives feel comfortable and well balanced in the hand. The Secondary Cut design of the secondary blade evenly reinforces stability. WMF Kineo household knives are made in Germany. Whether you are a beginner or an ambitious hobby cook, with the new Kineo series even preparing food is a joy!

Precision triad – the multifunction grater from RÖSLE

Whether you have something hard, like Parmesan, to contend with, delicate fruit or ingredients with a high water content, the Multifunction Grater from RÖSLE, with its three different faces – fine grater, coarse grater and 2.5 mm slicer – offers hobby and professional chefs alike the perfect, high-precision solution. The acid-etched grating teeth allow you to prepare a wide variety of ingredients swiftly and easily. Silicon feet prevent the grater slipping as you work as well as allowing you to use the grater in either an upright or a slightly inclined position. To facilitate cleaning, the grating edges are detachable. For added sustainability, the blades of the grater can be replaced. The extreme robustness and high-quality of this innovative cooking utensil won recognition at the German Design Awards 2021.

Party piece – raclette from Spring

If you enjoy the collective pleasures of cooking and eating a meal at the table with friends, the Swiss dish raclette provides the perfect occasion. This is a favourite dish for dinner parties on long winter evenings. In place of the open fire of Swiss tradition, with the CHALET raclette grill from Spring the cheese is slowly melted from above by a heating element. The continuously variable temperature setting ensures perfect results every time. The cheese rest can be tilted to facilitate serving as well as swivelled through 360°. In addition, the cheese holder is height-adjustable and suitable for rectangular cheese slices measuring up to 17.5 x 7.5 x 11 cm. A handy scraper with both smooth and serrated edges is included. Side dishes such as vegetables and fresh baguettes can be cooked on the PFOA-free, non-stick grill plate. The brushed stainless-steel housing is easy to clean and perfectly complements the modern, puristic elegance of the appliance.

Festive mood guaranteed – Le Creuset

Le Creuset is marking the advent season with an eye-catching limited edition appropriately named “Holly”. What better ornament with which to deck the halls and the festive table over the Christmas season? An innovative manufacturing technique has been used to produce the exclusive 3-D holly relief that adorns the lids of the cast-iron soup pots and sauciers as well as the stoneware mini casseroles and serving bowls that make up the collection. Every piece is adorned with a delicately embossed holly pattern. Holly brings festive cheer, too, to the mugs, cafetieres and bowls from which to enjoy punch, mulled wine, hot cinnamon-vanilla chocolate or other seasonal beverages in the warmth and comfort of the home, whilst delicious pasta served from a Holly saucepan evokes feelings of well-being and nostalgia.