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Sustainable and practical


Baking tins have to satisfy particularly stringent criteria: they have to be heat-resistant but at the same time have an excellent coating, so that whatever it is you have just baked comes free easily from the mould. The coating of Zenker’s new Green Vision series contains a remarkable ingredient: the wax of the carnauba palm, which replaces 5% (the maximum possible without compromising the functionality of the baking mould) of the conventional coating.

The wax comes from Fair Trade-certified plantations and occurs in powder form on the leaves, which are harvested twice a year and subsequently regrow. This makes the wax one of the few renewable raw materials capable of withstanding the high temperatures involved in baking. Carnauba is also the hardest naturally occurring wax on Earth. This means it is not only robust and durable but also has excellent non-stick properties. The Green Vision baking mould series includes various springform tins, loaf pans and muffin trays.