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Stylish and practical


The new OXO Steel collection combines form, functionality and style, with an array of elegant and handy implements for tasks ranging from peeling and measuring to cooking and serving. OXO tools are not only superbly designed but easy to handle thanks to the Good Grips characteristic of the brand.

The range includes both Y and swivel peelers, a grater with etched stainless-steel teeth, and a fruit and vegetable slicer, as well as lasagne and cake slices and an assortment of spoons for soups and sauces, spaghetti and other dishes.

The stainless-steel version of OXO’s salad spinner also cuts a fine figure on the dining table, where it doubles as a beautiful serving bowl. The pump mechanism allows you to dry salads and herbs with a simple press of the knob. Thanks to the integrated brake, the spinner also stops at the push of a button. The non-slip base maintains the bowl securely on the work surface even when you’re operating it with only one hand.