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Relaxed brewing


Preparing coffee has become a cult subject in recent years, and whilst for a long time a succession of ever more complex gadgets adorned our kitchens, honest to goodness hand-brewed coffee – the lento version – is enjoying a renaissance. Whether you opt for immersion brewing or the pour-over method – i.e. whether you like to allow the ground coffee to soak for roughly three minutes in the hot water or prefer to place the coffee in a filter and pour the water over it – finum offers the ideal solution for each method.

The ONE-CUP coffee filter set consists of 60 compostable filters and a holder, which together provide for immersion brewing directly in the cup.

The BLOOM AND FLOW pour-over coffee maker is the modern equivalent, so to speak, of the coffee jug with a cone filter. Just pour the water by hand onto the coffee in the funnel insert, which fits any shape or size of filter paper, and wait while it drips into the glass carafe below.

And if anyone prefers tea, they’ll find finum has equally suitable and elegant solutions for that beverage as well.


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