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Recycling certification

tf-2021-09-01 berndes

For its latest product series, Alu Recycled Oven, Berndes relies on food-safe recycled material. As with its Alu Recycled Induction pots and pans series introduced last year, only recycled aluminium of the highest quality is used. The material employed is derived exclusively from cans previously used for beverages or food. For instance, eighteen recycled cans are used to create a new pizza tray; for a loaf pan, twenty cans are required.

Eight different oven and baking dishes are available. These include a quiche dish, a loaf dish, various casserole dishes, a heart-shaped dish and a round pizza tray.

For its use of recycled aluminium, the company, which celebrates its 100th jubilee this year, has been granted a special certificate.


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