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Perfectly matched


The kitchen tool specialist GEFU has extended its X-PLOSION design series with a mortar made from solid cast iron that combines high quality materials with a jet black, minimalistic design and high functionality.

The pestle, made from cast iron and acacia, perfectly matches the lateral dents of the mortar, coaxing from spices such as peppercorns, pimento, cloves and juniper berries, but also from fresh herbs such as basil, mint and thyme, their full aroma. The mortar also lends itself marvellously to the creation of your own spice mixtures, pastes and marinades.

The Spicetower version complements the mortar with a lid that can be used as an additional mortar surface as well as a collecting bowl. The lid is crowned with an elegant conical grater with sharp DIAMOND LASER CUT slots capable of delivering either fine or coarse shreds. The two grating surfaces are suitable, respectively, for finely grated citrus zest, fresh nutmeg, garlic and ginger, and for coarser flakes of parmesan or chocolate.


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