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Multi-talent for the winter

SEVERIN_Spuma700Plus_Schokolade 1004x700px

What could be more welcome after a bracing winter walk than a nice cup of hot chocolate? With the multi-function Spuma 700 Plus Milk Frother from Severin  – even with whole chunks of chocolate – it’s as easy as pressing a button. But that’s not all: the Spuma 700 Plus has a special program for mulled wine, so you can enjoy the ambience of a Christmas market within your own four walls. Even more sophisticated recipes, such as for apple punch or white chocolate, can be followed quickly and easily with this all-rounder. It also scores with perfect milk froth for latte macchiatocappuccino and more. In all, the Spuma 700 Plus has 13 special programs. Thanks to its OLED display and easy-select rotary control, operation of the device is child’s play, and it is also extremely easy to clean. With a capacity of 700 ml, the stainless steel milk container is large enough for the family or whenever guests come calling.



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