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Legendary cutting quality

Cabon Spirit AJAX 1 1004x700px

In 2017, Friedr. Dick revived an old blade design with its AJAX cooking knife the unusual shape of which made it ideal for the preparation of red meat and poultry, though fruit and vegetables could also be cut effortlessly with it. Now Friedr. Dick is also offering AJAX with a high-quality carbon coating. The Carbon Spirit AJAX is remarkable for the hardness of the blade, low friction coefficient and high resistance to acids, alkalis and salts. This makes the blade unusually scratch-resistant and allows it to glide through the ingredients being cut without sticking, as well as making it easier to clean. Thanks to its high-quality black blade and black handle, the Carbon Spirit AJAX is also a joy to look at, positively exuding elegance and refinement. This is a limited edition; only 1,500 such knives will be produced.


Friedr. Dick