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Knives that are all you


Since 2014, the French specialist Deejo has been letting customers create individualized pocket knives that reflect their own ideas and personalities and ornament them with what it calls a “tattoo”. Now the company is also offering customized table knives in sets of two, four or six.

An online product configurator is provided that takes you through the process step by step. As well as choosing the handle material (olive tree, ebony or coralwood), you can choose between a highly polished and an anthracite-grey, titanium-coated finish. You can also choose the type of edge, the options being Shaver and Micro-toothed.

Tattoos have been part of the brand identity from the start, and Deejo’s configurator allows you to choose between six very different and highly elegant motifs: Art Déco, Geometrie, Toile-de-Jouy, Blossom, Grand Siècle and Japanese. A personal text can also be engraved on the handles.