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In the great tradition


In collaboration with the design studio BIG GAME, Opinel is getting back to its roots with a new set of cutlery: Perpétue.  And doing so in two senses: by alluding to the shapes of its historic knives but also through the name, as Perpétue Opinel was the grandmother of the company’s founder, Joseph Opinal. Perpétue, together with her husband, Victor-Amédée, made a fine reputation forging nails in the French region of Savoy in the heart of the Alps.

The results of this latest collaboration are objects with a simple, timeless elegance that are also robust and durable. The collection consists of a knife with a pleasantly curved handle and a micro-serrated blade, a fork, a tablespoon and a teaspoon with clear lines. All of them go beautifully with Opinel’s table knives.

The cutlery set is made from stainless steel as a monoblock – i.e. from a single piece. All items are suitable for the dishwasher. For the knife, Opinel is using X20Cr13 steel and for the fork, tablespoon and teaspoon, X5CrNi18-10 steel.