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Enjoyment with style


Zone Denmark has expanded its ROCKS collection of exclusive glasses made from lead-free crystal glass to include several new additions. One is a champagne glass in which not only champagne but any sparkling wine can be served in style. The elegant, mouth-blown glass features a tall, slim bowl, so that full enjoyment can be derived from the joy of watching the pearly bubbles rising to the surface and savouring the aroma of the bouquet.

The Rocks Twister drinking glass is another newcomer. Its most surprising feature is a bulbous base that allows you to spin the glass gently on the tabletop. And don’t worry – there’s no danger of the glass tipping over, however hard it may be to resist the temptation to twiddle it. The Twister is ideal for serving rum, cocktails or just water. This, like all the other glasses in the series, is the work of the design duo Mavro//Lefèvre.

Zone Denmark