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DIY Ice Age  

48855 EISMASCHINE Gelato M1 rgb 1004x700dpi

The BPA-free ice cream maker Gelato from UNOLD delivers about 1.5 litres of dairy ice cream prepared from pre-cooled ingredients in around 30 minutes! It can also make vegan, lactose-free or stevia ice cream. Beforehand, the removable, anodized ice cream container must be pre-frozen for 8 to 12 hours in a *** freezer (-18°C). Nuts and pieces of chocolate or fruit can be added through the opening in the lid. The LCD display with its touch control function indicates the time remaining before the ice cream is ready and is equipped with a digital countdown timer adjustable within the range 5-45 minutes. Perfect creaminess is assured by the right-left movement. Suitable recipes can be found in the operating instructions. The device can be dismantled completely for cleaning. 



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