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Boards with added style


In QUINTA, qontur is presenting three differently styled oak boards in two sizes each. The new series is designed to cater to the demand from the ever-increasing throng of barbecue fans for high-quality, out-of-the-ordinary tools. The range comprises pizza boards with bevelled edges, meat and steak boards with juice grooves, and classic cutting and chopping boards – all created by the Potsdam designer Carsten Gollnick.

One unusual feature of the boards is their offset handles which, instead of lying flush with the base of the board, are slightly elevated; this, combined with their length of 12 cm, makes them easier to grasp.

The smaller sized pizza and chopping boards are best suited to serving individual portions directly, whereas the larger ones are ideal for preparation, slicing and carving as well as serving. All qontur products are made in Europe from certified high-quality oak, come in plastic-free packaging, and are shipped in a climate-neutral way.