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Baking with love


STÄDTER has added two classic cake and tartlet pans with solid bases to its “We love baking” series.  The moulds are ideal for both traditional yeast dough cakes and savoury quiches. The tins are especially suitable for pastries with a somewhat runny mix or containing juicy fruits as the solid bases prevent the liquid from seeping out. And if you’d rather bake pizzas than cakes, the moulds will serve that purpose equally well.

Making your own bread is becoming more and more popular because it is easy to do and allows of so much variety. Very few ingredients are needed but a good baking tin is pretty much essential. That’s why STÄDTER has added two new baking pans especially designed for bread to its award-winning “We love baking” series. The high-quality, elegant, silver bread pans come in two sizes: 26 and 30 cm. They are also sourdough-resistant, so not even high-quality doughs pose any problems.

All the cake, tart and baking tins in the series have a high-quality non-stick coating that makes them as easy to empty as to clean.


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