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Hot soup on the go?

Insulated lunch pot Ellipse_usp a food stays hot 467x700px

In the past, if you fancied some piping hot soup in the office or outdoors to warm you up in winter, you needed an electric element of some kind to heat it. Now MEPAL has come up with a better solution: in the stainless steel, insulated Lunch Pot Ellipse, you can keep food hot for up to ten hours (or, if you prefer, cold for up to sixteen hours). The Lunch Pot has a capacity of 500 ml, is completely leakproof, and contains two compartments the contents of which can be kept separate. In its classic, non-thermal version, Ellipse is ideal for brunch or an afternoon snack. Stylish colours such as Nordic Denim and Nordic Green perfectly complement the lunch pot’s elegant form. Ideal for kids is the  Lunch Pot Ellipse Mini, the lower compartment of which has a capacity of 300 ml for snacks and the upper of 120 ml for tasty dips.



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