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Great for working with a monitor

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With the new Monitor Mounts from DURABLE, the height, angle and distance of the monitor can be adjusted easily to suit your individual needs. Thanks to a patent-pending system, continuous adjustment in each case is effortless. This allows you to position the monitor at exactly the reading distance best suited to your eyesight and therefore work more comfortably and efficiently – not only at your habitual workplace but also in your home office. The brackets are also ideally adaptable to a variety of modern office concepts and environments. When desks are being shared, it only takes a few hand movements for each user to adjust the monitor height, distance and angle to suit his or her needs. In the case of seating/standing workstations, the fact that not only the height but also the tilt of the monitor can be adjusted easily is immensely valuable as obtaining the correct viewing angle is of critical importance. The new DURABLE Monitor Mounts set a new benchmark in office comfort, a fact that earned them a special mention at the German Design Awards 2021 for their ingenious and well thought-through design. 




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