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Wintry elements


Warm lighting, snug blankets and stylish decorations all foster the Christmas spirit – a consummation devoutly to be wished in such difficult times as these!
The formano range helps you bring an individual touch to your home decoration, not only during the Christmas season but all winter long. From cool, clear designer objects to warm lighting elements and playful decorative figures, everyone will find the ideal decor for the ambience they are seeking to create.
With its various collections, a leitmotif of simple elegance and magical beauty runs through the entire range. Accessories like table lanterns, vases, sculptures and bowls, in gold, anthracite and black, at once delight the eye and calm the soul, while seasonal classics such as Christmas trees, rocking horses and Santa’s Little Helpers bring festive cheer and cosiness to the modern home.

formano, a specialist trade brand from Chr. Bollweg e.K.

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