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Mouth-blown works of art made of glass

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The urge to decorate is as old as Mankind itself. The products of Glasmanufaktur Michael Greiner illustrate vividly the fascinating possibilities glass holds as a decorative material. The record shows that the Greiner family has been associated with glass for over 550 years, having been one of the founders of Lauscha in Thuringia. Lauscha is known as ‘the cradle of glass Christmas tree decorations’ prized the world over for their quality and their beauty. At Glasmanufaktur Michael Greiner, employing a combination of handicraft know-how and sensitivity to the medium, Christmas tree decorations are blown into shapes in some cases over a hundred years old before being painted by hand. Each of these extraordinary products is unique – no two are ever identical – as they are exclusively hand-made. Traditional glass manufacturing techniques are enlisted as antique and modern design go hand in hand. The results are mouth-blown works of art that fill lovers of exquisite accessories with enthusiasm and make ideal presents for the artistic or culturally inclined. In addition to Christmas tree decorations, the company’s forest glass and Venetian glass replicas are especially highly prized.

Glasmanufaktur Michael Greiner

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