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Just relax


Zone Denmark has found new ways in its INU spa series for you to pamper yourself. Take these exquisitely designed little pots with their fine scented candles that can burn for as long as 35 hours. Their soy wax is enriched with essential oils that spread a gentle, pleasant fragrance.

Or, if you prefer diffuser sticks, you can order the beautiful containers together with a bottle of fragrant oil and three sticks that emit continuously a discreet scent that permeates the room. When the oil or candles are used up, the receptacle can be reused – for a tea light, for instance, or as a vase for a single flower, a repository for tampons, make-up or hair bands, or even to hold some frugal, healthy snack while you’re waiting for the face mask to work its magic.

The ceramic pots with their matt outer surfaces can also be purchased separately.

Zone Denmark