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For special moments at the dinner table


The imposing, mystical aura of the moon has inspired Villeroy & Boch to create in the NewMoon tableware collection designs of great purity that are powerfully expressive. The rim of each piece of gleaming white premium porcelain bears the shape of a narrow crescent moon, the resulting slight asymmetry being the leitmotif that runs throughout the collection. The result is an original, opulent and flawless aesthetic that brings the romance of a moonlit dinner indoors. On a jet-black table, the round white plates, serving dishes and bowls loom boldly as in the night sky. The black underplates of the Manufacture Rock series with their rough slate textures set off the smooth, shiny glazed porcelain to equally striking effect. The triangular, ergonomic cutlery of the NewMoon collection and the glasses with their strikingly innovative, sloping rims provide a further variation on the theme by capturing progressively the course of the moon.

Villeroy & Boch

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