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Ever aright

hoefats_Gravity_Candle_Balkon_PR 467x700dpi

The Gravity Candle from höfats brings the magic of warm candlelight to your favourite nook – whether standing on a tabletop, suspended by a cord from the ceiling and maintained in place by a yoke, or held aloft in the garden or in a flowerpot by a pole. Thanks to a cardanic pivot, the candle itself always remains upright. Its dual axes of rotation and weighted base allow you to light the candle without burning your fingers, as an ingenious mechanism allows you to tilt the glass tube on its side whilst the candle itself remains upright, making it unnecessary to remove the glass tube. To snuff out the candle, just turn the whole lantern upside down. The candle, which remains upright, is then starved of oxygen and extinguished safely and cleanly. No molten max is spilt (as often happens when candles are blown out), and there’s no smoke.



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