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Evaluation by touch

Kaweco_Supra_FP_brass_print 1004x700

In the view of traditional brand Kaweco, our sense of touch plays a key role in our perception of quality. Kaweco feels it is important therefore to offer customers not only excellent quality and unique design, but also products with an unmistakable feel.When we touch, weigh and manipulate materials, we can really assess their quality. Each material feels different: some warm, some cool; some slippery, some rough. Their haptic characteristics, combined with their weight and shape, contribute significantly to the high quality of our products.

The Kaweco brand works with a variety of materials for its barrels, ranging from plastic to high-grade resin, carbon, stainless steel, aluminium and brass. For all models, including, for example, the Sport, Supra or Liliput, high-quality materials are needed if the product is to feel good. Only when it comes into contact with your skin, with your fingers, can you judge whether something feels right or wrong.



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