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Elegant textile novelties

ames_chumbes_pillows_blankets_mood_01©amesgmbh 1004x700dpi

Colombia’s beauty and traditional craftsmanship are reflected in ames’ unique furniture, textiles and accessories. The German-Colombian company is expanding its collection with new carpets, cushions and plaids, which were created in close cooperation with textile designer Mae Engelgeer. The Dutchwoman decorates the carpets, cushions, layers and plaids of the new collection with shimmering elements and gives them a feminine elegance. The asymmetrical shapes bear witness to the craftsmanship of the Colombian artesanos, who manufacture the products in elaborate manual work in small workshops.

Photos: cushions and layers of the new chumbe collection ©amesgmbh/ chumbe collection, detail ©Andres Valbuena / uilas carpet collection, model uilas noche ©amesgmbh


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