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Climate positive to-go collection

Lunchbox Falafel verlängert 2_1004x700dpi

The Bioloco Plant collection from chic.mic consists of a series of to-go articles made from the plant-based material PLA (Poly Lactic Acid), which is derived from plant sugar and is biodegradable. Typically, the material is obtained from corn starch, cassava or sugar cane and has therefore already contributed to a reduction of the level of CO2 in the environment prior even to production. The Bioloco Plant collection is dishwasher- and microwave-safe. Chic.mic ensures that the entire product range is produced in a climate-friendly manner by first calculating the sum of all greenhouse gas emissions involved in the course of transport and production and then compensating the environment to the tune of twice that amount through participation in climate protection projects. The Bioloco Plant collection currently comprises a to-go cup (420ml), a lunch pot with two separate containers (500 ml + 200 ml), and a lunch box with a bamboo lid (diameter approx. 19 cm). All the products in the series are available in a variety of trendy designs.



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