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Award-winning cable management


The CAVOLINE® Box from DURABLE has won this year’s iF DESIGN AWARD in the “Office” category. The box meets the highest standards of functionality and aesthetics. Available in sizes S or L, it offers sufficient space for a 3- or 5-pin multiple socket as well as superfluous cable lengths, thereby providing for a clearer overview and reducing tripping hazards. The dust-free storage of the plug connections are designed to extend the service life of the connected electronic devices. Clever details such as a charging dot on the top, extra soft components to protect the cables at the inlets and outlets as well as the flame-retardant material are typical of the stringent yet functional design, ensuring that the box integrates perfectly into the modern office or home office. The high-quality surface finish in grey or anthracite gives the material a noble look and makes for a stylish ambience. All CAVOLINE® boxes are manufactured in Germany by DURABLE.


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