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A powerful minimalist statement

MENU_Corbel Shelf_Water Bottle 467x700px

The Corbel Shelf from MENU is a versatile floating ledge for use as a bedside or side table or else as a display platform for much-loved treasures. Created by the Copenhagen design studio Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen, it is a modernist, wall-mounted podium that combines contrasting materials to arresting effect. A simple and elegant construct of marble, wood and metal, it unites geometrical elements in a single functional unit. The white stone contrasts beautifully with the stained oak and powder coated metal. Expressive yet unobtrusive, it is fastened to the wall by concealed screws so as not to detract from its minimalist elegance, making it ideal for the hall, bedroom or living room, or as a part of a larger installation.



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