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A new type of marker

E-MARK 118

The COLOP e-mark ® is a mobile electronic marker that makes it possible to apply full-colour imprints to materials such as paper, cardboard and wood, and even to items such as napkins! You can either create your own imprints from scratch on a mobile device or PC or use one of the wide variety of templates supplied. These range from company logos to texts. Date, time and numbering functions and both QR- and bar-code generators are also included. Once the imprint has been transferred from the mobile device or PC to the e-mark via WiFi or USB, a simple sideways movement of the device is all that is needed to apply it to the selected surface. The COLOP e-mark ® was the recent recipient of an honourable mention at the Red Dot Awards 2019 as well as both EOPA and iF awards in 2020.


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