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Light amid the gloom of winter


The new Autumn/Winter 2020/21 Collection from the north German design smith PHILIPPI includes more than 130 new products. These include striking table lanterns, vases and bowls: accessories at once beautiful and useful that bring warmth and good cheer to interiors, creating an ambience as salutary to the soul as to the eye. The principal roles here are played by design and deco objects that are unmistakably the product of hand craftsmanship – something you can see and feel, their rough surfaces, filigree wickerwork structures and overall somewhat matt appearance telling evocative tales of the places from which they originated and the artisans whose work they represent. The use of shining, polished stainless steel as a basic material has long been part of the Philippi DNA. What has been added is matt black, which, as seen in the LUNA table lanterns, provides an elegant contrast to the cool silver of the stainless steel.


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