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OOhh woven baskets are back

OOhh’s popular baskets woven from recycled paper are back – with great new designs. The range comprises one fabulous set ideal for plants or storage that comes in two sizes…


Smiles guaranteed

The SUSANNE BOERNER brand is synonymous with the good things in life, developed by the artist Susanne Boerner and handmade by an all-woman team. The works are characterized by a…


A joy forever

Accessories to mark festive occasions, to serve as special gifts, or simply to bring more sparkle and joy to everyday life, Pakilia’s collections include rings, necklaces and bracelets made from…


Nothing New, Everything New

Right now, we are living in times where nothing, and yet everything, is new. We are seeing trends that are new yet seem familiar. The trends in colour, design and…


Making Talents: Lappa Studio

Fresh young talent is the elixir of life, so to speak, for an industry to which attractive design is so essential. But how does one actually become an up-and-coming designer?…


Multi-facetted design objects

Klatt Objects is synonymous with items that are meaningful as well as beautiful and that communicate, in a particularly personal way and through a wealth of different facets, a real…

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