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Magic moments

16. Juni 2017 Autor: TOP FAIR Redaktion
Kategorie: Home & Living

“Wunderkammern” (Wonder Cabinets) from German furniture manufacturer Scholtissek are simply out of the ordinary – an almost magical symbiosis of craftsmanship, art and function.
This unusual series of almost 50 art objects is fascinating on many levels. Take, for example, the sleek lines which, depending on the particular model, create impressive monolithic or sculpture-like silhouettes, coupled with high levels of creativity in every one of the models.
The real magic is in the detail, however. Each “Wunderkammer” consists of a seemingly infinite number of drawers. The fronts of the drawers are hand crafted using fine woods, natural stone and mother-of-pearl. The special textures of the high-quality natural materials create unmistakable mosaics that make each item unique. There’s no less magic on the functional side. The various models can be used as chests of drawers, filing cabinets, high desks, secretaires or jewellery boxes. All the drawers will take standard A4 format. Some even have secret compartments for your valuables.
In addition to this attractive range, Scholtissek has come to Tendence 2017 with lots of fresh ideas for the second half of the year, including new side tables, and a line of accessories from Detlef Klatt with bowls, spoons, plates, trays and vases to blend perfectly with the high-class core range of the furniture manufacturer.

Scholtissek Tendence 2017 ▶ 9.0 D10/D20